Guess who joined the GoPro Club!

Yes, you heard me, I FINALLY got a GoPro.

When I started travelling, Instagram wasn’t even a thing. I arrived in Australia with my shitty digital that I’d gotten for my birthday when I was about 17 (and lets not talk about the 90’s camcorder I took to China!). My pictures were shit (go check my Facebook if you don’t believe me) and to this day I hardly ever look at the 100’s of scenic shots I took. My mum would FaceTime me asking what interesting adventures I’d been on, and there were so many things going around in my head that I wouldn’t be able to think. When I got home, I’d show (reluctant) people my photos and try to explain what was going on at the time, and who I was with. They got bored with that pretty quick.

Truth is, as great as photos are, they don’t capture the moment. You don’t get all of the sounds, the atmosphere and the people. Sure, I keep a few of my original photos for safekeeping, but the majority just didn’t feel as special to me as they once did. Now, the only photos I have of my trip are of the people I spent my time with, because really that’s what made my trip so special (and alcohol infused).

So, in 2013, before the hashtags and double-taps, do you know what the fancy, experienced backpackers all had? GoPros.

Now, I could never afford to buy one whilst I was travelling, and although it existed, social media wasn’t really the platform that it is now. I’d seen too many people drop their shiny new action cameras into the sea to ever consider buying one.
That was until, in my last few months in Oz, Instagram exploded.

My plan was to buy myself a GoPro for my next travels, but of course when I got home, I didn’t have any money. I was also starting University, heading back to work, and long-term travel just seemed to keep getting pushed further and further down the line. Until now.

At Christmas, I caved in and bought one! it’s a GoPro Hero 5+ and its great. I haven’t been able to test it out much yet, but I’m really pleased with the film and photographs I’m getting from it. I’m really excited to start adding film to my memories and blogs, and it’ll be a great way of keeping in touch with all of my family and friends from around the world. I’m taking it to Dublin, and so I’ll have to sort out a YouTube Channel to upload the final cuts.

All in all, I’m just really excited to start travelling again.

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