Dublin, take 2!

I’m back from Dublin!

This is my second time seeing the Irish capital and it’s just as wonderful as before. We actually had some pretty good weather (for Ireland)! I’m pleased that I’ve seen both sides of the city now; the Winter, having nice meals with my parents and the Spring/Summer, drinking *in the sunshine* with a friend. The trip was just a little last-minute city break for my housemate and I. We got a great deal from Ryan Air (£30 there and back!) and stayed at the Egali Hostel (around $60 each for 4 nights), which is just across the bridge from Temple Bar. The Hostel was lovely, with a nice games room and even privacy curtains around the bed. Unfortunately, the place was a little quiet (it happens), and so we didn’t really bond with anyone there. April was a great time to go, the weather was picking up, the races where on and the stag/hen dos where only beginning. As much as it is a tourist trap, Temple Bar is the place to be. Its bloody expensive, but you’ll be chanting with the rest of them in no time!
I have a video from my GoPro that I’m editing together, but you’ll have to wait for now whilst I get through all of the footage (and get used to editing from my new camera). Bare with me on this, it was my first time using a GoPro (embarrassing I know) and my bloody support pole broke at the airport so some of the shots are a little shaky. I’m working on it!


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