I’m Going to New York!!!

It’s FINALLY all booked and the dates are set! NYC, here I come!

So a couple of years ago, a childhood friend of mine finished university, packed up her English life and moved back to the States (where she was born). She’s been drifting about since then, visiting family, working etc. and has settled in New York City for a year to complete an internship. AND I’M GOING TO SEE HER!
Truth is this visit has been on the cards for a while. Before she got the internship offer, we were planning a trip along the west coast (which is still in the pipe works!), but due to both of our working schedules, it got difficult to carve out a good time for both of us. Now, the only time I have ever set foot in America is when I went to Disneyland with my family (funnily enough, with my friend and her family), but a big trip through the states is on my list. (maybe once I’m out of uni and have a bit more time to work with). But right now, a short meander across the pond will do me just fine! So I’m going in September for two weeks! A long time to spend in a city, however I’ll need it to recover from the 3 DAYS IN VEGAS we have booked in the middle for her birthday. Two states in one trip. BOOM.
I get back just as my final year of University begins, so it’ll be my last chance to really let my hair down, and I got a pretty good flight deal from Thomas Cook so I’m not out of pocket when I arrive (it’s gonna be an expensive trip!).
So how do you spend 2 weeks in New York? My plan is the separate the city into little day-sized sections. Chloe actually lives in Brooklyn (which is where I will be staying), but she heads to Grand Central Station every day to get to work (i.e. Living the F’ing dream). My plan is to follow her to work for the first few days to do central Manhattan, before spreading my wings a little. I have an obsession with museums so there is no doubt I will be able to keep myself occupied whilst she’s stuck in an office. Then at the end of the first week we fly to Las Vegas. It’s Chloe’s 25th whilst we are there so I have a couple of surprises up my sleeve ;). Then back to New York to *rest*.
Since it’s been booked I’ve spent most of my time day-dreaming about sipping cocktails on a rooftop bar somewhere above the city.
Actually, that’s a lie. I’m most excited about the food. I just want to lay in a pile of fresh dumplings. Mmm.

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