Best Food in Sydney

Sydney is one of my favorite places in the world.

It’s one of the few cities that I truly love. Although city dining is expensive in Australia, the great atmosphere and shear quality of the produce makes it one of the countries’ beloved pastimes. Here is a list of my favourite (and mostly cheap) restaurants in Sydney.

Opera bar = Oddly, not as expensive as I thought it was going to be. This became a staple for whenever we expanded our friendship group, as an introduction to city life. Great beer, great pizza, but you have to go simply for the phenomenal view! The bar is not only based at the foot of the Sydney Opera House, it sits right next to the harbour, meaning a spectacular view of Sydney Bridge. Go here at sundown for a holiday photo op (watch out though, it gets busy!)

The Bucket List = At Bondi Pavillion, The Bucket List is a great place to spend the afternoon without getting too much sand between your toes. Directly off of the infamous beach, it has great views and tasty food. A tad expensive, but its the price you pay to be seconds away from the iconic spot.

Prawns at The Bucket List

Scruffy Murphys or P.J.O’Briens = Okay, so its definitely not the best meal you’ll have in Sydney, but if you’re a little home sick, stop at one of the Irish pubs in CBD.  Friendly atmosphere, great bands and classic pub grub.

Cranky Fins = A little further out at Palm Beach, Cranky fins has got that relaxed sunny vibe you want after a long day at the beach. Think 1950’s surf shack, with memorabilia covering the walls and brightly coloured furniture. Great tacos and lobster rolls, pretty cheap drinks and on certain nights they make a giant paella dish out front.

cranky fins
Cranky Fins

Coogee Bay Hotel = Lovely outdoor seating area and nice food. This hotel restaurant has a great relaxed atmosphere all day, but comes alive at sunset, becoming a busy but fun bar.

Malibu = Not really a restaurant but this little stop serves HUGE fresh sandwiches. Happy hour at 10am-11am ($3 sandwiches!) The Schnitzel is great and will easily fill you up for a day of wandering around the city.

El Camino Cantina = Mexican food in The Rocks. A little expensive but they have a great selection of tequila and some wicked tacos.

Sushi Rio = This restaurant was actually next door to our apartment complex, and we spent a lot of time here! Lovely staff, good prices and great sushi. grab a bite here before heading to the (more expensive) Darling Harbour, just across the bridge. (I also should give them a shout out for giving me free sushi when they closed late at night. I think they took pity on me for hanging around so much!)

sushi rio
Sushi Rio

Pancakes on the Rocks = Again, not really a restaurant, but holy shit just go here. Stacks of flavoured pancakes, but they also do some pretty great pizza. Amazing Hot chocolate and its open 24 hours. You heard me.

(Another option is to remember that Dominos is only $5 on a Monday!!!)

Dominos on Coogee

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