The Best Bars in Sydney

So, previously I wrote a post ‘The Best Food in Sydney’, but deep down I know what you were looking for! 😉

Here is a list of my favourite bars (and clubs) in Sydney. As I didn’t really go to King’s Cross that much (or remember any of my time there), so its been excluded from this post. Most of the bars mentioned are backpacker friendly (cheap and open late!). Also, remember that clubs in Syd have some pretty strict dress codes. Suit up and drink (ir)responsibly.

Scary Canary = Backpackers and locals pile into this place. Great atmosphere and apparently the food is pretty good too.

Scubar = Boisterous, cheap and crab races on a Monday night. Typical backpacker bar.

Sidebar = Attached to a great hostel, this underground bar is always busy. Pretty cheap and usually has good music/bands on. Pool tournaments on Wednesday nights. Full. Of. Backpackers. And the odd middle aged Aussie who wants to bag a foreigner for a night.

Cargo bar = Along the strip of Darling Harbour, Cargo has a big dance floor as well as a nice outdoor area. Great drinks.

The Ivy = A bit fancier than the others on the list, however it’s cheap entry on Thursdays. Nice rooftop bar, and turns into a club later on. We went to the Pasha night ,which was also great, and had a pool! Great Happy hour deals (and very jazzy toilets, with showers?!)Ivy

Home = A HUGE nightclub. Seriously, after being used to Home being the only nightclub in Lincoln, this will blow your socks off. Pricey, but worth the experience.

Soda Factory = Possibly my favourite bar in Surry Hills. Movies on Mondays, $1 hot dogs on Tuesdays, 80’s/90’s music on Wednesdays. Stick around late enough and they give you free Mac & Cheese!

The Bearded Tit = Good vibes, cheap drinks and a window display of crocheted penises. It’s cosy, weird and wonderful.

Watershed = Great views of the harbour, good food and they always have a party going. I actually attended a Christmas party here and it was amazing.

Kings Street Brew House = Lovely craft beers made on site. Situated right on Darling Harbour and has a great happy hour.

Blackbird = Quirky, great happy hour and has a lovely balcony to sit on.

Jamtown = All the way out in Manly, but Jamtown is so worth it. Red stripe, Ginger beer and lots of rum cocktails. The Caribbean food it also great, and if you can limbo under the pole next to the till, you get 10% discount. (just don’t miss the last boat home!)

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